Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Episode 79 - The Silenced (2015)

Ainsley returns just in time to help us through a creepy inversion of Captain America's origin story with the 2015 Korean thriller The Silenced.

The classic Simon and Kirby supersoldier story takes on a decidedly more gruesome turn if you remove consent. Why haven't writers been comfortable with female power fantasy for the last thousand years? Is it better to throw a superhero into a real-world issue or used powered fiction as a metaphor? Why does everyone hate Japan? I mean still.

Once again, as with Stranger Things, making girls into superhumans results in terror instead of high-heroics. Listen as three white North Americans dive into the thorny history of pan-Asian political history. What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 78 - Dick Tracy (1990)

We've talked about it enough, so we might as well do it. We gather for a meeting with Jesse Codner to discuss 1990's Dick Tracy.

What the heck does everyone in this movie have against Tess Trueheart? What was the name of that lizard dog in Star Wars? No, the other lizard dog. What is the secret behind the incalculable, alluring animal magnetism of Mumbles?

You should really go check out Ivory and Horn's amazing replica wrist radio, pick up a sweet watch, and help them (and Andrew) put together a REAL working wrist radio for 2018!

Then go watch Dick Tracy again while wearing it. No, YOU'RE a dork. Tracy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 77 - Supaidaman (1978)

Duck putties. Anyway, turns out 70's Japanese Spider-Man is a lot cooler than yours.

Did Power Rangers actually rip off the idea of giant robots from Spider-man? How much cooler would Spider-man be if he just screamed "I am an emissary of HELL!" before attacking people? Are all spiders this vindictive? Do spiders have nipples?

Recording this episode is full of gross discoveries and revelations, but the Supaidaman show is pretty great. Yeah yeah yeah WOW.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 76 - Scooby Doo Meets Batman (1972)

For this terrifying tale of spooks, monsters, and money laundry, Justin Tucker from the upcoming Monster Squad Minute joins us to tackle one of the great legendary team-ups we never expected to see when Scooby Doo meets Batman and Robin!

Why does a cartoon have a laugh track? Is the Wayne Corporation in the business of putting well-meaning amusement parks out of business? How many Casey Kasem's can we cram into one cartoon? Was Joker a part of the Weapon X program? Just how hot are Anthony's attractive cousins?

Time to find out who the REAL world's greatest detective is: Batman v Velma Dinkley. Fight!