Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Episode 15 - Hulktober Cartoon Cavalcade

It's the pulse-pounding conclusion to Hulktober 2015, and our Gamma-Engorged heroes are taking a trip though the Hulk's animated history!

Hulk '66: A Titan Rides a Train

It's the strangest commute of all! In the '60s, there wasn't a lot of animating happening in tv animation. What was happening was lots of visualized sound effects, and the greatest nerdlinger that ever lived.

Hulk '82: The Tomb of the Unknown Hulk

This episode has it all, Stan Lee narration, Hulk fighting army guys, Hulk tying Doctor Octopus' arms in knots, and a Mexican stereotype taking out an army of Nazis with black pepper and Mexican cooking.

Hulk '96: Fashion Warriors

In the nineties, they wanted Hulk to be more accessible for young girls, and what did forty-year-old-men-think girls want to see? BIKINI FASHION SHOW. But it's totally okay that these cartoon women spend then entire episode posing in their underwear folks, because they're all accomplished scientists or whatever. Glass ceiling be damned! Wait, wasn't there a Hulk in this show?

Hulktober comes to a puny, Bannerly end with some of the most questionable appearances ol' Jade Jaws ever made for the Saturday morning set. Back to your regularly scheduled No Time for Heroics next week!

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