Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Episode 11 - The Shadow (1994)

This week the guys learn that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit... and the bitterest fruit of all is that this is the only version of The Shadow we've got in recent years. Which is a crime.

How many times can villain tell the hero they are two sides of the same coin in a single movie? Are there readily available chemical tests to identify mythical metals? Did we just think this movie was bad in the early '90s because we just expected more from our movies back then?

Dip in to the evil within your own black heart, and tell us what you think of 1994's The Shadow over on the No Time for Heroics facebook page! Or what you think about us on iTunes. Or what Ian McKellen thinks about accidentally inventing the atomic bomb (he thinks it's "impressive work". Jeesh.)

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